Early Voting: October 23—November 3 | Election: November 7

Proposition 6

Creating the Texas Water Fund to assist in financing water projects in the state.

Support Sufficient Water Supply During a Drought:
Texas’ population is projected to increase 70% in the next 50 years, and our existing water supply will not be adequate to support the new population, especially during an extended drought.

Proposition 6 will support the development of new water supplies to meet the needs of our growing population.

Promote Conservation of Existing Water Supplies:
Texas’ water lines leak an average of 572,000 acre-feet of water per year—enough water to fill a major lake.

Proposition 6 will help repair and replace water infrastructure such as leaky pipes and support conservation awareness.

Help Local Communities and the Texas Economy:
Texas businesses need water from local communities to create and maintain jobs.

Proposition 6 will help expand water and wastewater infrastructure in local communities to preserve Texas’ vibrant economy.

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