Early Voting: October 23—November 3 | Election: November 7

Proposition 7

Providing for the creation of the Texas Energy Fund to support electric generating facilities.

Strengthen Reliability in Extreme Weather:
Texas’ homes and businesses need reliable electricity to keep the lights, heat and air conditioning on and to support manufacturing and essential services.

Proposition 7 will help electric generation facilities modernize and weatherize so that they are resilient and continue to operate despite extreme weather.

Expand the Texas Energy Grid:
More electricity will be needed to support and sustain our communities as Texas’ population continues to grow.

Proposition 7 will help create new and robust electricity infrastructure, leading to a larger supply of electricity whenever Texans need it.

Protect Texas Consumers:
The rising cost of living is top of mind for many Texans, and increasing electricity bills are no exception.

By increasing the supply of flexible generation, Proposition 7 will protect Texans from further increases to their electricity bills by reducing the frequency of expensive shortage events.

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